• Yoga for Superheroes (8-12 y.o.)
    60 Min. / 10 €

    OMA OMs Children’s Yoga is playful, creative and inclusive. All kids are welcome to try out Children’s Yoga and actively join in with their own ideas and experience. The central idea is to empower every personality and encourage mindful interaction among the group.
    A combination of movement patterns, hero poses and animal figures, as well as energising games and deeply relaxing dream journeys, is what makes children’s yoga a unique experience. It also enhances psychomotor skills and the ability to deal with emotions.
  • Jurassic Yoga (3 - 7 y.o.)
    60 Min. / 10 €

    OMA OMs Jurassic Yoga offers a playful introduction to yoga for little ones. To make the lessons even more entertaining and full of fantasy, we draw from the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric characters. Together, we travel to wild enchanted forests and water worlds; we fly through the air on dream journeys and visit remote islands, while still getting a chance to relax deeply...
    Balance, psychomotor functions and social skills (like thoughtfulness) are developed, with ease. Creativity and imagination are welcome!
  • Parent & Child Yoga (from 1,5 y.o.)
    30 Min. / 11 € for two people

    Children between 1.5 and 5 years can experience the fun of practicing yoga together with one parent (favourite uncles, grandmas etc. are also welcome). A playful combination of movement patterns, partner exercises and relaxing fantasy stories creates a joyful session that can be taken home as a shared ritual.
  • Musical Instrument Classes
    45 Min / 40 €

    In our instrumental classes (piano, saxophone, clarinet) we focus on bringing out the natural curiosity and joyfulness inherent to playing music. We do not obsess about notes; rather we encourage creativity and intuitive musicality right from the start. Methods from mindfulness are woven into the practice, allowing musicality and personality to develop hand-in-hand.
  • Music Education for Children (4-6 y.o.)
    45 Min / 10 €

    The focus of these classes is the joy of making music! We try out instruments, playfully explore our singing and speaking voice, collectively make up songs, and experience our bodies, dancing, tapping and shaking the beat. With creativity and team spirit, we collectively embark on a fascinating journey into the world of sound, rhythm, notes and melody. As if by itself, the children not only strengthen their sense of musicality and rhythm but also develop social and cognitive skills, beneficial to the development of their personality.
  • Parent & Child Music (1,5-6 Y.O.)
    30 Min / 10 € for two people

    Together with one parent (or favourite uncle, granny, etc.) Children can jointly experience the fun of making music. We playfully dive into the fascinating world of music, the experience of sound, rhythm and movement, with various senses. Dancing, singing, clapping, moving - participation is key for multi-dimensional learning. Communicative skills and coordination can develop too, alongside a feeling for rhythm.
  • Ceramic sessions for Children & Grown-ups (from 3 Y.O./ up to 12 people) 
    First hour for two people: 30€ (including clay/ slipper/ first firing). 
    Each additional hour: 18€ 

    Children and grown-ups explore the fascinating material of clay and its multiple facets, together or next to each other. With our guidance, you can either create little pots, animals or other figures yourself, or paint pre-made tiles or dishes/cups. The fired and glazed pieces can be picked up after roughly three weeks.

    Our Workshop can also be booked for birthdays etc.
  • Ceramic sessions for Children (from 3 Y.O./ up to ten people)
    We also offer ceramics for groups of Children.
    With our guidance, kids can explore the fascinating material of clay hands on and let their imaginations sore. They can either create little pots, animals, mushrooms, or other figures and paint them with slipper. The fired pieces can be picked up after roughly three weeks.

    Please contact us for an individual appointment!
  • Mindfulness for children (8+ y.o.)
    how to harness the power of mindfulness. For example, you might discover how to enjoy your life again, find clarity or master certain challenges. We will analyse your needs and see how certain effective techniques and an aware mindset can support you in particular situations. That’s when new opportunities and perspectives will open up — here and now, not in some far future — for less stress, and more inspiration and soulfulness.