coaching & therapy
  • Yoga & Gestalt with Fanny
    My one-on-one sessions combine healing yoga with elements of Gestalt therapy. We begin our session with a chat, allowing themes to surface, which are present for you at that very moment - may they be physical, emotional or mental or any combination of the above. I use the resonance of those themes as inspiration and starting point for the yoga session that follows. Depending on what you need and want, it may be very passive or dynamic, it may involve breathwork and meditation. The process is tailored to loosen blockages and tensions and to encourage healing on a holistic level.
  • Yin Yoga with Fanny
    Yin Yoga combines Indian tradition with principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. OMA OMs Yin Yoga takes you on a meditative journey deep into your own body. While hardly working your muscles, you can gently settle into the poses, smooth and passively. By stretching your connective tissue and meridians, you loosen blockages and tensions, joints become more supple in movement and even the mind can let go. Yin Yoga offers an ideal balance to our hectic, stressful lives. It doesn’t require any experience and is suitable for all bodies.
  • Yin & Yang with Fanny
    Beginning with dynamic Tao Yoga, we will flow through all meridians, moving through the whole body from the Yang to the Yin. In the second half, we will be diving into deep passive stretches, connecting with the Moon’s cooling energy. This class is energising and deeply relaxing. Blockages can be released and inner elements are allowed to flow freely. Suitable for all levels.
  • Vinyasa meets Tao with Fanny
    Tao Yoga is related to Chinese Medicine and MMA. It awakens your natural energy flow and creates a strong sense of physical awareness. Vinyasa Yoga is a fluent practice that unites movement and breath. Combining these two creates a mindful yet powerful grounding flows with a dash of storytelling and playfulness. There will be variations offered suitable for all levels. - Your body your practice.

  • Rise and Shine with Roma
    Ground with mindful breath then seamlessly flow through a dynamic warmup and into a fiery standing series. Explore strength- and balance-building funky transitions and advanced postures (if you want them — variations always available). Break a sweat, find your edge, then move through deep floor stretches and into a juicy final rest with hands-on adjustments. This class is for all levels, with plenty of opportunities for play for intermediate and advanced practitioners.
  • Yin & Sound (With live music)
    Since we mostly consist of water, music lets our bodies vibrate to their very core. Yin Yoga & Sound combines deeply relaxing poses with healing live music from the piano and other instruments, such as the harmonium and singing bowls. Passive stretching and smooth soundwaves give these sessions a cleansing and transformative quality. Suitable for all levels.

  • Jurassic Yoga (3 - 7 y.o.)
    60 Min. / 12 €

    OMA OMs Jurassic Yoga offers a playful introduction to yoga for little ones. To make the lessons even more entertaining and full of fantasy, we draw from the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric characters. Together, we travel to wild enchanted forests and water worlds; we fly through the air on dream journeys and visit remote islands, while still getting a chance to relax deeply...
    Balance, psychomotor functions and social skills (like thoughtfulness) are developed, with ease. Creativity and imagination are welcome!
  • Yoga for Superheroes (8-12 y.o.)
    60 Min. / 12 €

    OMA OMs Children’s Yoga is playful, creative and inclusive. All kids are welcome to try out Children’s Yoga and actively join in with their own ideas and experience. The central idea is to empower every personality and encourage mindful interaction among the group.
    A combination of movement patterns, hero poses and animal figures, as well as energising games and deeply relaxing dream journeys, is what makes children’s yoga a unique experience. It also enhances psychomotor skills and the ability to deal with emotions.
  • Yoga for Teens (13-18 y.o.)
    75 Min. / 12 €
    In the years between child- and adulthood, yoga is a great way for young people to learn how to develop and consciously use their physical and mental strength. With all the challenges this time brings for teenagers, the class offers them a chance to take up the space they need and to get in touch with their bodies and minds through free movement, yoga and meditation practice. 
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  • C O M I N G S O O N

Coaching & Therapy
  • Coaching for Individuals
    60 Min. / 80 €

    No matter what your present life situation is, in a personal coaching session you will learn how to harness the power of mindfulness. For example, you might discover how to enjoy your life again, find clarity or master certain challenges. We will analyse your needs and see how certain effective techniques and an aware mindset can support you in particular situations. That’s when new opportunities and perspectives will open up — here and now, not in some far future — for less stress, and more inspiration and soulfulness.
  • For more Therapy offers please take a look at our TEAM page
  • Open Ceramic Workshop
    First hour: 17€ (including clay/ slipper/ first firing). Each additional hour: 12 €

    This programme can be booked for a group, or you can sign up for a drop in at our regular open workshop sessions. During these times, our door is open to all those who want to experiment with clay and who maybe have already some experience. You can just come over and participate in our workshop for one or a few hours.
    The fired pieces can be picked up after roughly three weeks.

    Please sign up per email for our regular sessions: Every Friday 16:30 - 19:30
    or contact us for an individual group session!

  • Ceramic sessions for Children & Grown-ups (from 3 Y.O./ up to 12 people)
    First hour for two people: 34€ (including clay/ slipper/ first firing). Each additional hour: 18€

    Children and grown-ups explore the fascinating material of clay and its multiple facets, together or next to each other. With our guidance, you can either create little pots, animals or other figures yourself, or paint pre-made tiles or dishes/cups. The fired and glazed pieces can be picked up after roughly three weeks.

    Our Workshop can also be booked for birthdays etc.

    Please contact us for an individual appointment!
Fanny Rieber & Oliver Pauls
When Fanny and Oli met on a small North Sea island 10 years ago, they quickly realised that lots of joint adventures were ahead of them. They shared a passion for waves, people, explorations, music and arts. They both passionately looked into the question of how to live a balanced life, full of joy, creativity, community and serenity. They investigated with their bodies and souls. During this quest, Fanny discovered yoga and Oli discovered mindfulness. And they both saw how their lives changed.
Wow - they had to share what they’d found! The idea of creating a space, where yoga, mindfulness, music and arts would come together, sparked something inside them. A space for all those who want to live their lives consciously and creatively.
At first it was just a fantasy, but then they let their dream become reality. With OMA OM they made a little island of relaxation and inspiration, right in the centre of the concrete jungle of Berlin’s Neukölln. And that’s where they are now, looking forward to your visit!

Oma Om Founders
Fanny Rieber
As an artist, a yoga teacher and a Gestalt therapist in training. Fanny offers experiences that encourage each individual’s personal process. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching children, youth and grown ups for 7 years. Her yoga is inspired both from Indian Traditions as well as TCM. She likes to offer a playful approach, involving somatic practices that allow us to explore with joy, let the energy flow freely and synchronise body, breath and mind.

For any further information see my website and feel free to contact me!

Oliver Pauls
Oliver works as a musician, mindfulness trainer, experiential educator and coach.
Before founding OMA OM, he devised the educational programme at the Youth Education Centre on the island of Juist, for over ten years. As part of his role, he led a large number of workshops and seminars, each designed to encourage young people and help their personalities develop. Today, he invites you to OMA OM, where you can meditate, make music or join one of his individual coaching sessions, showing the way towards a more fulfilled life.
Coline Schavan
Coline works as a self-employed clinical psychologist and systemic psychotherapist i.e.. They are passionate about the human mind with all its layers, and believe the only way to see your light is to get to know your shadows. With a trauma-sensitive, systemic approach and conversations on eye level, Coline wishes to hold a safe and conscious space for inner growth for kids, teens and adults, offering individual therapy for children and young adults as well as family sessions and collective healing circles. For further information and appointments check out her*their website here. Trang Mac
Trang is an acupuncturist and medical doctor. She came to Chinese medicine after medical school, in order to add depth to the spectrum of health that one system alone cannot encompass. Her interests lie in acknowledging a person’s wholeness, bearing in mind the nurturing of life, known as Yang Sheng. All aspects of life are considered, from the small to the large: this includes basic things such as diet and nutrition, as well as the unique rhythm of a person’s life as a whole. It is most special to her to facilitate the sparks of inspiration that can arise out of these encounters, and that often go both ways.

appointments by arrangement:

Helen Keller
Helen is a cultural educator with a focus on music, a gender studies scholar and a systemic counselor/therapist. In her counseling and therapeutic work it is important for her to regard people as members of systems and thus as embedded in relationships. In addition, Helen works in a solution- and resourceoriented manner and uses a mix of methods from (hypno-)systemic therapy, trauma therapy and inner-child work.

Roma Finkel
Roma is a human. A son, a friend, a lover of falafel, a fan of the German language... and poor student of same. A New Yorker living in Berlin, he enjoys smiling at people as he walks down the street, no matter how confused this makes them. He loves teaching yoga and writing about himself in the third person. His defining values are: gratitude; joy through movement and breath; creating community, and taking himself a little less seriously. A yoga teacher, writer, nomad, musician, and professional navel-gazer, Roma’s guiding principles are lightness, joy, and the flow state. In his sometimes-spicy classes you’ll enjoy creative sequences, mindful breathing, refining hands-on adjustments, a smile or ten, and the perfect playlists to have you breaking a sweat and leaving the mat lighter and brighter. His classes (until he learns German) are exclusively in English, but he is grateful and honored to be a part of the community here in Neukölln. Roma enjoys strong coffee, rock climbing, and writing about himself in the third person.
Serafina found her anchor to a more centered and grounded life in the asana practice. Through the method offered by the Ashtanga vinyasa, she started cultivating a deeper connection with her body. Her intention in the practice is to keep on fostering this connection with curiosity and an open mind.
She hopes to share her passion with other humans who would also love to undertake this journey.
When she's not practicing, Serafina loves to read, knit, and be around trees. She's interested in intersectional feminism and postcolonialism.
Yanina Prenzlau
It is Yanina's motivation to create awareness & connect people - be it with oneself, the own body, other people or nature. For her, this represents the essence of a harmonious life and togetherness.
For Yanina, yoga was the beginning of a deeper exploration of herself & the combination of calming down and gathering strength in her own body at the same time. As a qualified sports scientist and long-time yoga practitioner, a conscious and loving approach to the body is particularly important to her. Thus, this is an essential part of her classes while also taking one’s own well-being as a barometer for a (self-) responsible yoga practice.
Anna Kölle
Daily observations, theoretical reading and a curiosity for very different disciplines, are orienting Anna's positioning as a drawer, sculptor, musician and "undisciplined researcher". She has worked as freelancer in the context of schools, museums, independent art schools, seminars and conferences as an artist and art educator for over ten years now, developing workshop formats and often implementing them in cooperation with other artists* and/or teachers. In 2020, she founded the collective "KERAMIKAZE" with six other artists and designers, whose aim it is to develop new formats and ideas around ceramics and ceramic techniques and offer them on different platforms.
Mira Schönegge
Mira Schönegge loves words, fabric, colours and clay...